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We can supply the largest range of wooden floors in Cork as well as laminate flooring and wood flooring in Cork. There are many different types of wooden floors and we have published the most popular styles that customers have purchased in recent times.

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Solid Wood Floors Cork

Some things will never go out of style, and one of them is solid wood flooring. Whilst there are many types of flooring resembling those made from solid wood, and they are without a doubt attractive and good quality products, some people simply prefer the real thing and are happy to pay a bit extra for that reassurance that their flooring is made from authentic timber. Solid wood flooring has been used for centuries and has never lost its appeal, elegance and prevalence compared to other types of flooring, as it incorporates tradition and modern stylishness at the same time, and that prevalence for proper hardwood floor is not likely to ever decline. We have an extensive range of solid wood flooring at our west Cork showroom.

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Laminate Flooring Cork

Bantry Bath and Tile have extensive supplies of laminate flooring available to suit all budgets at our showroom in west Cork. With an increase in interior design diversity, modern times have brought more flexibility in terms of the appearance of household or commercial flooring, and laminate flooring is a proof of adapting a single product structure to resemble hardwood, tiles, planks and so forth. The advantages of using this type of flooring are obvious, as it comes in a very wide range of styles and colours, is substantially cheaper than other materials whilst it produces the same visual effects, and in addition to that it is much easier to fit.

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Engineered Wooden Floors Cork

In this day and age, we are no longer limited in choice when it comes to interior design, and flooring does not have to look average or be of poor quality. engineered wood flooring is of excellent quality as it comprises three different layers, the top layer being made from solid wood, which gives the flooring its desired aspect and thus looks as if the flooring were made entirely from hardwood. This product comes in a very wide range, such as cherry, teak and engineered oak flooring, the latter being particularly popular due to its lighter colour. You can find a plethora of variations in terms of style and colour, such as rustic engineered oak wood flooring, brushed and oiled oak, unfinished oak and so on. Call to our county Cork showroom and see our extensive range of engineered flooring.

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