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Laminate Flooring

Laminate is a flooring that combines highly realistic hardwood and stone textures and looks with increased durability and function. Laminate is a fantastic and more cost-effective alternative to hardwood or stone materials. Laminate flooring is made in layers. The bottom layer is called the backing layer. It is made to resist moisture to prevent board warping for a solid foundation. The next layer is the inner core layer. It is the stability layer of the floor made from high density fiberboard that is reinforced with a special resin to further enhance water resistance and increase durability. The layer after the inner core is the image design layer, or where the high-resolution picture is placed to resemble the actual wood or stone. This is also where the floors unique texture is applied to enhance its realistic appeal. The final, top layer is the wear layer. This protects the design layer from fading, scratches, and damage from everyday wear and tear.

Kronopol Laminate Floors

Bantry Bath and Tile have an extensive range Kronopol laminate flooring in oour showroon in Cork. Kronpol are the largest laminate manufacturers in the world and have an unrivalled range of decors offering the highest levels of durability and warranties up to 30 years.

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